Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging Hiatus over

This blog has had a slow progress. In fact I observe that its exactly 11 months ago that I had posted my last Linux related mutterings. But as the previous blogs had mentioned, I am doing exactly that, earning my bread through Linux and related stuff. Butter is yet to show up.

Its been a tough year and I still haven't started looking out for a job. So, the initial hiccups are over and now I am in the process of stabilising my freelance career. I have had a good patch with corporate trainings, a bad patch with illness and then another good patch with my association with IIT Madras that is still running. I have had a bad patch with corporate trainings, thanks to the world-wide recession and short-sighted managers who think that saving on training expenses will 'actually' be good for their company. But I am still in the business of Linux based training and development which was my intention last year, first post. I wouldn't say that I have achieved success yet but I am progressing.

One of the best things that happened in last 11 months was that I got associated with IIT Madras for developing a Linux based DSP Training Program. I am working on a Embedded Linux platform based on Analog Devices' Blackfin DSP processor. I have contributed to the U-Boot and Device Driver (Audio codec AC'97) development of the training board Linux software. Now working on some DSP experiments on the Linux platform for signal processing.

In last few months several people have been enquiring about Linux based trainings, especially Embedded Linux. More on that in my next post. It will happen soon.

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